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John Schibi

Automotive Retail Consulting

John Schibi is a skilled professional working in the automotive industry and living in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

Recently in his career, John Schibi experienced an amazing turnaround at the Franklin Chevrolet dealership – let’s take a look!


  1. Store was tracking a net loss on June1 2019 with $2m in used car water to 900k net profit with clean inventory by year’s end.
  2. Doubled sales staff and hit GM’s SFE performance number every month
  3. Covid lift higher than zone peers
  4. Increased fixed ops gross/net/and coverage by doudle digits
  5. Worked succussfully to increase warranty labor $36 per hour and parts markup 24%
  6. Service customer retention highest in zone
  7. Employee turnover was at a historic low and CSI above zone and district.
  8. Dealership best year ever was 2016 @$1.5M to 2021 @$7m


With the help of his expertise and knowledge, John Schibi has been able to grow the business significantly. There’s a reason he’s regarded as a visionary within the business world; he sets simple and straightforward short-and long-term objectives, builds cohesive relationships, and develops motivational programs to incentivize his staff to succeed.

Learn more about John Schibi by visiting his blog page for the latest updates!

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